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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the pre-paid $35.00 consultation fee cover?

The $35.00 fee, which is collected by the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (VLRS) at time of referring, entitles the referred caller to an up to one half-hour (30 minute) consultation with a VLRS lawyer that is a VSB member in good standing. The up to one-half-hour consultation may be by phone or in person. There is no obligation on either party to go beyond the initial consultation.

The consultation fee is not contingent on the consumer retaining the lawyer or the lawyer accepting the consumer as a client. Neither the consumer nor the lawyer is obligated to go beyond the up to 30-minute consultation. Refund for the consultation fee will be issued on a case-by-case basis and at the Virginia State Bar’s Virginia Lawyer Referral Service’s (VLRS) sole discretion. Refunds, in no circumstances will be issued for a referral after fifteen (15) calendar days of the fee being paid to the VLRS.

How soon after a referral is made will the consultation take place?

The VLRS asks that the referred caller allow at least 48 business hours after the initial contact for the lawyer to return the call and/or to schedule a phone or office appointment.

Will the referred caller be entitled to an up to one-half–hour (30 minute) consultation with the VLRS lawyer, even if the referred lawyer is not available for representation?

Yes. The $35.00 pre-paid fee entitles the referred caller to an up to one half-hour (30 minute) consultation with the VLRS lawyer to address the referred caller’s legal questions and concerns. The consultation is not contingent on representation by VLRS lawyer. Neither the referred caller nor the referred lawyer is obligated to go beyond the initial consultation.

If the referred lawyer is unavailable to consult with the referred caller in person or by phone, what should the referred caller do and what happens to the pre-paid $35.00 consult fee?

The referred caller should contact the VLRS again and VLRS will make another lawyer referral to another VLRS lawyer at no additional cost. Or, if agreeable with the referred caller, the referred VLRS lawyer may refer the referred caller to another VLRS lawyer within their law office for the initial consultation.

Will the VLRS lawyer contact the referred caller to schedule a consultation?

No. Due to the sometimes sensitive and confidential nature of the caller’s inquiries, it will be the referred caller’s responsibility to make the initial phone contact with VLRS lawyer to schedule the phone or office consultation. The VLRS lawyer must at all times respect the confidentially of the referred caller who may not wish to be called at home or in the workplace.

Is the VLRS referral based on income eligibility?

No. The VLRS will refer to anyone 18 years or older that wishes to consult with an lawyer that is a VSB member in good standing and that pays the pre-paid consult fee of $35.00. Referrals to VLRS lawyers are made based on callers' requested Virginia geographical location and requested area of legal practice.

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